15 Hilarious reactions to Khloe and K-Brule’s disqualification from the Big Brother Naija house that’ll leave you in stitches

This evening, Big Brorher disqualified the pair of K-Brule and Khloe from the on-going Big Brother Naija house.


The pair were issued a strike following their disagreement last night. K-Brule during an argument tried to attack Dee One but was held back by Angel and Lolu . Big Brother found this unacceptable and issued him a strike making it three strikes.


Khloe was disqualified for comments she made to Kbrule, calling his mother a hoe. Kbrule and Khloe already had two strikes and today’s own made it three strikes.


This amounted to an automatic disqualification and social media is having a field day with jokes and memes from the lesson.



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