DJ Khaled takes baby mama shopping and asks her to buy the whole store out, but her reaction is not what you’ll expect (video)

DJ Khaled took his baby mama shopping and he told her to buy the whole store out.

The record producer kept repeating to his partner Nicole Tuck, “Honey, buy the whole store out.” He even went to the store clerk to ask how much the things his woman chose was worth and the clerk said, “$25,600”


But each time Khaled screamed at Nicole to buy the store out, she didn’t seem impressed at all. The first time was when they were on the escalator, she turned and fixed him with an irritated gaze. The second time, she turned and walked away.

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The third time, DJ Khaled told her in a loud voice to buy the whole store out, she chided: “Why are you so loud.”


It’s easy to see Nicole is such a private person and wasn’t feeling the whole show off DJ Khaled was into.

When the shopping was done and they were leaving, Khaled is heard saying he works hard every day to take care of his family and give them the best but Nicole replies asking, “You know how hard I work?”

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See the video below.


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